Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Post: Welcome to this new blog!!!

It's been almost one years that I've started using R as my main programming/analysis tool.

I like the fact that so many beautiful graphics can be produced directly within R.

Although I often just use the basic functionalities, often my work pushes me to develop more complex visualisations which I'd like to share with others so that my efforts aren't wasted after I'm done using them.

Here I'll do my best to share, in the hope that they may be useful to someone, and that more expert users may point out ameliorations to the code, as well.

Later on I'll add this blog to the R-Bloggers feed so that I can contribute back to where I picked up so much inspiration.

Update - 15/05/2012 - I just added the feed to R-Bloggers, to celebrate I\'ll do my best to put out a nice pie chart. My take on the consultant charts!

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